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Temporary Construction Services
Temporary Construction Services is a leading provider of temporary power, fencing, portable restrooms, and roll-off dumpsters in Utah and the surrounding western states. Their reliable and tailored solutions are essential for ensuring efficient commercial and residential construction projects of all sizes.
Temporary Power
Expert Temporary Power Services For Residential & Commercial Construction Sites. We offer both overhead and underground temporary power services throughout Utah and surrounding western states.
Temporary Fencing
Temporary Construction Services is a trusted name for expert temporary fencing solutions in Utah and the western states. Their high-quality fencing options provide essential security and delineation for construction projects of all sizes, ensuring a safe and efficient work environment.
Portable Restrooms
Temporary Construction Services is a go-to provider of top-notch porta potty solutions in Utah and the western states. Their portable restrooms ensure convenience and hygiene on construction sites of all sizes, supporting the needs of workers and helping maintain a clean and efficient workspace.
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Roll Off Dumpsters
Temporary Construction Services is your trusted source for roll-off dumpster solutions in Utah and the western states. Their dependable roll-off dumpsters are essential for efficient waste management on construction sites of all sizes, making disposal easy and hassle-free.
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Video Camera Security & Surveillance
Temporary Construction Services offers reliable video camera security surveillance cameras solutions in Utah and surrounding western states. Their cutting-edge video camera security and surveillance systems provide essential monitoring and protection for construction sites of all sizes, ensuring safety and security throughout the project.
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Generator Rentals
Our generator rentals are the dependable solution for construction sites, offering a reliable and continuous power source to keep your operations running smoothly, especially in remote or off-grid locations, ensuring maximum productivity and convenience for your workforce.
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Why Temporary
Construction Services?

A Temporary Site Services Company

At Temporary Construction Services, we understand the critical importance of our offerings for construction projects. Our temporary power solutions ensure that your construction site remains fully operational, providing reliable access to electricity to power your tools and equipment efficiently. We supply roll-off dumpsters to facilitate efficient waste management, maintaining a clean and organized workspace for your team. Our temporary fencing not only secures your site but also controls access and enhances safety, keeping unauthorized personnel at bay and protecting your project from potential hazards. Our portable restrooms are designed to maintain the comfort and hygiene of your workers, ultimately boosting productivity. With our security camera systems, we offer an additional layer of protection, acting as a deterrent to theft and vandalism while providing continuous surveillance for monitoring activities. When you choose Temporary Construction Services, you ensure productivity, safety, and cleanliness, contributing to the overall success and efficiency of your construction operation.

three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We can help you with your construction project every step of the way. From initial planning, to on-going site maintenance. We can make the temporary construction services seamless. 


Plan Your Construction Project

If you’re in the planning stages of you project, we can meet you on-site and help answer questions and help make sure your construction site has the support it needs. 


Budget For Your Construction Project

When you’re submitting for funding or financing, it’s important to have accurate costs. We provide guaranteed cost estimates for temporary construction site service needs. 


Maintaining Your Construction Site

There’s nobody more reliable than you can depend on more thant Temporary Construction Services. We’ll get the job done on time and as expected. 

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Barbara J
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Their team was so easy to work with on our construction project. From start to finish, everything was as expected. We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with.
Josh C
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Temporary Construction Services are experts in their field. They knew exactly what I needed and supported us through the end of our project. I appreciate their efforts.
Dustin R
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Very qualified company for large construction projects. They've provided equipment on several commercal sites for our company and we trust them for future work.